Sap Fiori Launchpad Configuration

Sap Launchpad : The following figure gives you a brief description about how fiori project is get configured in sap abap repository and then from there it is integrate to sap fiori Launchpad and then it get accessible to the end user.

Sap Launchpad

Step 1: Createing Launch Pad Instance

  • Goto LPD_CUST Transaction code
  • Click on “New Launch Pad”

On clicking on new launch pad you have to provide Role name, Instance name, Description

  • Provide Role (as per your wish and remember this role )
  • Instance Name (Transactional/Analytical/Factsheet) – choose the type which you want
  • Description (Give description about Launchpad)

Click on continue and click on save after this create new application by clicking on “new application”

  • Provide Link text ( as per your wish and remember this one)
  • Select Link Description (provide some description)
  • Provide Application type as URL.
  • Give URL – /sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/your application name/index.html
  • Click on show advanced optional parameters and provide application alias name and click on save.

Step 2: Creating semantic object:

  • Open transaction code /n/uiz/semobj. Click on change and click on continue, click on “new entries”
  • Provide semantic object (provide some name)
  • Provide semantic object description(give some description).
  • Click on save and save it in package.

Step 3: Creating catalog:

  • Open fiori Launchpad designer use below url

  • Click on “+” symbol
  • Provide catalog title and catalog ID and click on save.

Step 4: Target Mapping Creation :

  • Click on target mapping icon and click on “create target mapping”.
  • Provide semantic object (which is created previously)
  • Give action as display.
  • select Launchpad role(previously created),Launchpad Instance (Transactional/analytical/Fact sheets – select your choice hear) and provide application alias (previously provided).
  • Choose device types as per your wish (desktop/laptop/mobile).
  • Click on save and click on ok.

Step 5: Tile creation:

  • Click on “Tiles” icon and click on “+” icon.
  • Click on “+” of app launcher – static option
  • Provide title (provide name) and provide subtitle(provide subtitle)
  • Provide semantic object (previously provided) and provide action as display
  • Click on save and click on ok.

Step 6: Group Creation: 

  • Click on “groups” icon on top section and click on “+” icon in bottom.
  • Provide title (provide name) and provide id(provide id) and click on save.

Step 7: Add catalog to group:

  • Click on “+” icon of your group (which is previously created)
  • Click on f4(search) and search for your catalog (search for catalog that you have created previously).
  • Select the catalog that you have created and continue and click on “+”

STEP 8: Createing PFCG role for catalog and group:

  • Login to backend sap ECC server open PFCG tcode
  • Provide Role name (previously created role) click on create single role
  • Provide description (give description) and provide long text (provide some long text) and click on save
  • Click on “menu” tab click on Transaction arrow and choose fiori Launchpad catalogs and provide catalog ID and continue
  • Choose sap fiori tile group (from arrow option) provide groupid (give id) and click on continue.

Step 9: Assign Role to user:

  • Go to user tab provide user name and save it, connect to sap fiori Launchpad for testing
  • Open below fiori Launchpad url

  • Login with userid and password and check the app.

SAP Fiori launch pad acts as a Starting point for users for connecting to fiori apps form any device based on the role assigned with userid and password.

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