SAP NetWeaver Gateway Deployment

As we have knowledge on SAP NetWeaver Gateway, which is used to setup a connection between SAP business suite and target clients, platforms and framework.

To Deploy SAP NetWeaver Gateway there are mainly three different deployment  methods available, And you can get know about these deployment option from below.

  •  SAP Gateway hub deployment with service deployment in  SAP Business Suite backend
  •  SAP Gateway hub deployment with service deployment in the SAP Gateway hub
  •  SAP Business Suite embedded deployment & service development

With service deployment in the SAP Business Suite bac-kend:

In this sort of deployment method, central UI Add-On, Product particular UI Add-Ons and SAP NetWeaver gateway is contained in ABAP front-end server.

The back-end server contains business logic and back-end information. Development happens in ABAP back-end system.

The administrations are deployed on a back-end framework and enrolled on the server. The Gateway service is deployed in Gateway back-end framework.

Either IW_BEP is deployed or system running on the 7.4 or higher version use the center segment SAP_GWFND.


  • It allows changes to the UI without development authorization in back-end.
  • It provides single point of maintenance for all UI issues.
  • It provides central place for theming and branding of Fiori Apps.
  • It provides single point of access to back-end system.
  • As there is no direct access to back-end system, it has enhanced security.
  • Direct local access to metadata (DDIC) and business information and ease of reuse of information.

There is only one drawback with this is

  • It needs separate SAP NetWeaver Gateway system.

Central Hub Deployment of SAP NetWeaver Gateway:

In this option, Gateway server functionalities are utilized on one committed server, the hub system. As against the main option, deployment takes place on the hub system.

This choice is utilized if either no improvement must be performed toward the back-end system or if there should be an occurrence of releases before 7.40. on the off chance that it is not permitted to send the Add-On IW_BEP in the back-end.

For this situation, the designer is constrained to the interfaces that are available through RFC in the back-end.

Development happens in Gateway hub point system and Business suite back-end frameworks are not touched.

SAP_GWFND or IW_BEP  is running in Gateway hub point system and nothing is touched in SAP Business suite.


  • It is not require the installation of Gateway Add-Ons in back-end system.
  • Routing and arrangement of numerous frameworks are supported.
  • Administrations that have been developed by partner doesn’t require any deployment in the backend ramework.
  • Single purpose of access to backend system.
  • For security, there is no immediate access to the backend framework yet just by the SAP Gateway center point get to.


  • There is no immediate access to metadata (DDIC) and business information. Consequently, reuse of information is limited.
  • GENIL objects can’t be utilized remotely.
  • In this type of configuration, access is limited to remote enabled interfaces like RFC modules, BAPI’s etc.

SAP Business Suite embedded deployment:

In Embedded deployment design, development happens in SAP Business suite back-end system and Gateway system is additionally introduced in a similar system. Services are registered and in addition distributed in the SAP Business Suite back-end system.

Here in Embedded deployment no dedicated SAP Gateway hub system are needed and the required SAP Gateway components are directly deployed on SAP Business Suite system.


  • It requires less run time as one remote call is reduced.


  • System should not be utilized as center point for extra Back-End systems.
  • In the event of various SAP Business Suite frameworks, Gateway must be arranged numerous times.
  • This design configuration is suggested just for sand box purposes.

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