SAP NetWeaver Gateway

SAP NetWeaver Gateway is utilized to setup an association between SAP business suite and target customers, platforms and framework.

It offers advancement and era instruments to make OData administrations to various customer improvement apparatuses.

SAP NetWeaver gateway gives a simpler route to the utilization on business rationale and substance for SAP Back-end framework on web applications.

It likewise diminishes the many-sided quality to get to SAP information and gives simple interfaces to diminish the advancement time.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway:

SAP NetWeaver Gateway is an innovation that gives a basic approach to associate gadgets, situations and platform to SAP programming in light of market standards.

Some of the benefits of SAP NetWeaver Gateway are as follows,

  • Non-troublesome, any SAP business suite.
  • Straightforwardness to create basic APIs and does not require any tools to learn.
  • In view of REST, ATOM/OData. It permits availability to SAP applications utilizing any programming language or model, without the requirement for SAP information, by utilizing REST administrations and OData/ATOM conventions.
  • It gives plug-ins to surely well-known IDEs, for example, Eclipse, Visual Studio 2010 and XCode.

How to Connect SAP NetWeaver Gateway to SAP Business Suite?

To Connect SAP NetWeaver Gateway to SAP Business Suite one should configuring Back-end server as trusting system.

Check below steps for this,

Step 1:

Step 1 : Use T-code as: SM59

Step 2:

Step 2: Click on create icon as shown below.

Step 3: Enter as in below

  • RFC Destination Name
  • Connection Type: 3
Step 3

Step 4: Navigate to the Technical Settings tab and type the details as explained .

Step 5: Enter the gateway host details in the Target Host field and Instance number in the System Number field.

Step 5

Step 6 : Navigate to the Logon & Security tab and enter the details.

Step 7 : Enter the client credential number and click on Current user for authentication.

Step 8 : Select Trust Relationship as Yes and click the save icon at the top.

Step 8

Step 9:

Select Go back option to move the home screen and use T-code as SMT1

Step 10:

Click on the the create icon, then the Trusting Wizard will open.

Step 11:

Type the details of RFC destination that you have just created and click on Continue.

Step 12 : Now the information of trusted system is displayed on screen and Click on Save button.

Here, you have characterized trust  relationship between your SAP framework and NetWeaver Gateway have by designing SAP framework to trust framework and NW host to be put stock in framework. This empowers the remote logon for clients to utilize the client information in SAP NetWeaver gateway and SAP framework.

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